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Alabastra Botanics

ALABASTRA botanics is located in the countryside of North Zealand, Denmark.
As a company Alabatstra botanics’ aspiration is to sustainably transform the spirit of nature into a form that might be useful and appreciated by us humans. As well as being an aspirant in the calling for a retuning of our senses for a clearer perception of the natural world and the web of life we’re all a part of. 

It is the vision of Alabastra botanics to serve as a stewardess of the Earth, a humble amalgamator of the precious gifts of Mother Nature with an environmental responsibility.


Digging into Earth’s bonanza, there is truly gold to be found. And our aim is to respectfully use the resources and treasures of the plant world to create the best natural therapeutic articles to care, protect and rebalance our systems and very essence.

                                      Alabastra botanics - logo

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